Hello, I am Cara Williams, a PhD student at Lancaster University. I have an undergraduate degree in Disability Studies (BA Hons) and a masters degree in Social Research. Thanks for visiting my site; I hope you find it easy to navigate and it enables you to understand what and why I am conducting research into disabled people’s experience of working for small and medium size organisations (SMEs) , and the SME experience of employing disabled people in their workplace.

If you have any trouble finding the information you need or you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email c.williams10@lancaster.ac.uk

This site has been set up to help recruit twenty disabled people and twenty small and medium size organisations to take part in interviews with me.

The Social Model of disability underpins my research

My position is to use the Social Model of disability as the framework for understanding and analysing the data I collect. The social model of disability says that disability is caused by the way society is organised, rather than by a person’s impairment or difference. It looks at ways of removing barriers that restrict life choices for disabled people.

The language I use…

You’ll notice I use the term ‘disabled person’ or “disabled people” instead of ‘person with disabilities’. This is because I am thinking of a person being ‘disabled’ by society, rather than the person’s ‘disabilities’ being the problem. I describe disabled people as having impairments. An impairment is defined as long-term limitation of a person’s physical, mental or sensory function.

Please take time to read the information carefully before you decide whether you want to be involved. I want to make sure that you are happy to give consent to take part and that you understand what is involved.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved by participating in an interview with me, please send me an email      c.williams10@lancaster.ac.uk